“You Can SOAR” Program Fees…

The “You Can SOAR” Recovery & Family Restoration Study

The fee for the “You Can SOAR” Recovery and Restoration 26 week study is $600.00. The A.P.S. profile (which is required) is included. 
  • One 26 Week “You Can SOAR” Recovery & Restoration Guide and Workbook

  • One Weekly 60 minute “Face to Face” session

  • Two 15 minute phone “Check-ins” per week

  • One text message per day M-F.

  • Unlimited emails (which will be responded to within 24 hours)

For those who choose not to participate in the 26 week program fees are as follows:

  • Coaching fees are $15.00 per hour
  • Phone calls $3.00 per 15 minutes
  • Text messages $2.00 per call
  • Unlimited email $5.00 per week

Consulting services for Pastors, Counselors, Teachers and other Professionals are free.

We often have referrals made to us by recovery program directors where the individual referred may not be able to pay for services. When this occurs we seek donations from friends and supporters of this ministry. We do not ever turn anyone who is seeking our services away because of the inability to pay.  






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