You Can SOAR is a ministry of recovery and restoration for men and their families. 

Our mission at You Can SOAR is to engage, educate and equip men to imagine the possibilities of a changed life and inspire them to reach their full God-given potential. You Can SOAR is an online ministry dedicated to recovery and restoration for men who need personal help and confidentiality.

Even though you are not part of the day to day hands on ministry you have the opportunity to be a vital part of our mission. We strongly encourage participants to make financial contribution to this ministry. However, there are times that is not possible for them due to personal circumstances. In those cases we provide services regardless of their ability to contribute financially. 

This is where we rely upon the generosity of others like yourself to supplement our financial needs. There are three special ways that you choose from to offer specific financial support:

    • A donation of $30.00 to cover the cost of administering the Arno Profile System questionnaire and other administrative costs that occur in taking on a new individual.
    • A donation of $100.00 to cover the cost of the “You Can SOAR” 24 week workshop that the individual will participate in online.
    • A donation of $75.00 to provide services to an individual participating in the “Resolving Your Anger” closed member group for one year.
    • Any donation amount will be continue our means to outreach to men and their families and will be greatly appreciated. 

Please click on the donate button below to give through PayPal a secure service and free to you. As a supporter you will receive our monthly newsletter at no cost (save $10.00 a year).

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